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Christian Nikolai

- automotive consulting beyond mainstream

Automotive Beratung für PR & Kommunikation


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whether online communication, social media, or events:


We work alongside with you and develop a tailor-made strategy for trading classic vehicles in your company, stay "on board" from the concept to implementation and, if necessary, give you access to our network for effective communication. In this way we help you to measurably increase the traffic on your website, your online offers and in the showroom.


the brand is the key!



When it comes to real estate, three factors count, as we say in German: location, location and location! In the automotive industry, it is not much different, because in a demanding and constantly changing market environment, brand values ​​count - that is, "brand, brand, brand!". Use the power and spirit of a traditional manufacturer and turn your dealership into a recognizable brand with individual characteristics!


beeing clueless is not a strategy


... you need to know, what you´re doing - fully coordinated! In the case of classic vehicles and their more complex processes compared to modern vehicles, the interaction between sales and service is often the bottleneck that makes the difference between success and failure. In order to build a clean "flow", you are invited to benefit from our experience in this area.


passion is one thing -

Know-how is the other


Despite criticism of the automobile in public, the "Classic Vehicle" theme is still perceived very positively by large parts of the public.


Are you looking for a classic vehicle from German production between 1960 and 1990 and need expert advice or support in finding a suitable vehicle?


...use our broad network and our   longtime experience in this area!



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Christian Nikolai

Automotive consulting for communication and sales

Lärchenstrasse 3

D-47509 Rheurdt-Schaephuysen


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