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automotive consulting beyond mainstream


My heart belongs to the automobile - with a combustion engine and a steering wheel that you turn yourself and not the on-board electronic system - after all, it's called "driving a car" and not "being driven".

Since the end of the 90s I was employed in sales and marketing at the headquarters of Daimler AG and at Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Germany; the last few years with a focus on Classic Vehicle Retail and the development of
ClassicPartner Structures.

But that doesn't mean that I reject electric mobility in general. However, it must be used where it makes sense: in the urban space of the industrialized world!

My ecological conscience, which exists despite all my love for automobiles, has been making me think for some time about what my personal contribution can be to decarbonising our planet in the sense of sustainability and making it a better, more livable place. ( ... strong stuff, I know )

In this context, in addition to my daily work as a consultant and the creation of concepts and work on automotive projects, I deal with the sustainability concept in the automotive industry and particularly intensively with
jatropha oil as a climate-positive fuel. This approach is not only sustainable, but fast, cost-saving and, above all, it has the potential to become a globally working application - in particular for structurally weak regions.


 future needs heritage!

Developing strategies and creating structures in sales/communication are my main areas of expertise. In over 20 years in the industry, I have built up a close and reliable network in the automotive industry and automotive know-how, from which my customers benefit today.

In times of a radically changing market, it is more important than ever to go creative and new ways that do not come "off the shelf". With all my passion for tradition, I not only have the future in view, but in my opinion I have to help shape it actively, self-confidently and with a focus on results!
I would be happy to accompany you on this journey.


Save driving on all your journeys,

your Christian Nikolai

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