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As an agency for new media and events, E-Mags Media GmbH has firmly established itself in the automotive sector. Thomas Ebeling and his E-Mags Media team in Essen created the online magazines Mercedes-Fans www.mercedes-fans.de , VAU-MAX.de , and AmeriCar.de , which quickly became number 1 in the respective communities are. E-Mags Media GmbH is one of the leading companies in the special-interest area, particularly when it comes to creative use of the channels in social networks. The strategic communication is accompanied by well-known and successful automobile events such as SCHÖNE STERNE® or MIB (Men In Benz) rally. We work with E-Mags Media in the area of creating online communication concepts and sales strategies.

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Without a reliable network it´s going to be hard to succeed ...


In the past few years we have been able to establish close contacts in various areas of the automotive industry, from which our customers benefit today. Whether online and print media, vintage / youngtimer dealers, advertising agencies, lawyers, appraisers, restoration companies: We know the right partners who can support us in our work when it makes sense and is necessary.


Our cooperations are based on a long-term and close relationship of trust with the best in their business.

No questions about quality and reliability remain unanswered!

We have more in common with Robin Preston than just a professional partnership. We are friends. He's the Mick Jagger of photography - not just because they both come from the same city. Robin is justifiably a legend in his industry and whenever we need a photo, only Robin is our first choice. Robin is supports us supporting our customers in the development of their new, visual language and the creation of a picture mark that attracts attention.

Drehmoment (torque) - magazine for automotive culture! Anyone who understands more than a "mobility concept" by driving has come to the right place. It doesn't matter whether it's driving reports from real or electric cars, honoring jubilarians like the Range Rover, reports from automotive events: Torque always seems to be there to be able to report up close.

When it comes to torque, articles from our pen will always be read in the future, like this one: Daktari 2.0: The Anti 4x4 Tesla!

MICARE PS is not just “a” product, but an innovative system made up of software and hardware components that can be combined and built on one another. The Missing Car Register is the first international, brand-independent register for stolen classic cars and collector's vehicles. The MISSING CAR REGISTER makes it easier to identify stolen vehicles, forgeries and offers investigators, dealers and vehicle owners the security of clear identification, even if the chassis number has been removed or changed. MICARE PS not only helps to find stolen vehicles, it also enables preventive registration and offers theft protection through the NFC-ID-SET. We advise MICARE PS on communication issues and the development of a sales network, bringing our close-knit network into the industry.

The Classic Trader GmbH operates the first international marketplace for buying and selling classic vehicles on the Internet at https://www.classic-trader.com/de/automobile . Classic Trader picks up on the need for more transparency in the international classic car market, stands for more security in purchase transactions, for quick, precise finding and for the emotional presentation of classic vehicles required by sellers and interested parties. Classic Trader does not see itself as an anonymous service provider but as a partner and therefore a direct contact for sellers, buyers and those interested in classic vehicles. Christian Nikolai has been writing articles for Classic Trader Magazine for years and is a member of the team of authors. In the digital world of the usually analog classic market, there is no getting around Classic Trader.

JatroSolutions from Stuttgart can be called a tuning company. ...not for cars, but for Jatropha Curcas seeds, which have been improved into Jatopha 2.0 without any genetic manipulation and have the potential to become a great player on the way to global decarbonization. The oil obtained from the jatropha plant is used as fuel for diesel engines and is one of the few fuels literally sustainable and not in a marketing sense. Jatropha grows where nothing else grows and leaves a regenerated soil behind. We are proud and motivated to support JatroSolutions in establishing this fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.


Who builds a cup holder that fits in the original ashtray of a Porsche 911? analogauto can do that!

Peter Stark has been involved with cars since his youth, is a graduate industrial designer and has been developing parts for vintage cars for several years, which he produces himself or has produced by a manufacturer. His special focus is not only on creating replacements for parts that are no longer available, but also on imporoving products and giving them modern or additional functions. It is particularly important to Peter that the original look is not or hardly restricted.