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The Baron's guests:

Markus Baron likes to talk to people he knows well - and likes . His conversation partners come from various areas of life and business. From nurses to sales experts. Except for the first question, "What are you doing ...?" there is no fixed structure, because the conversation can and should develop: surprising, personal, banal or whatever comes up.


Markus Baron is a creative advertiser (photography, event, design) from the last millennium and a car guy, music junkie and connoisseur.

Since 2005 partner of the Cologne communication agency BARON LEINFELS and since 2021 also mentor and sparring partner for freelancers, self-employed and entrepreneurs.


I had a lot of fun with this talk because Markus Baron is every conversation partner's dream. ... even better if you also have the same passion for "oldschool sheet metal" from Stuttgart Untertürkheim!


... if you don't feel like reading through my website,  a large part of the content is told here.

Mercedes-Fans is THE fan universe for Mercedes drivers and friends of the three-pointed star. Here we report in an eye-winking blog about what happens when you blindly buy a car on ebay and how it performes in everyday life: 3, ... 2, ... 1 - mine: the zombie kombi!  
or comment on current events in the automotive industry, such as the situation of Daimler AG under the leadership of Ola Källenius
Spring 2021 we visited the Nuerburgring together with Thomas Rosier and his company Classic Sterne. This clip is is the second a new format on Mercedes-Fans!

Nach Zetsche Wo sind die Car Guys geblie

Regularly texts published by RaumLenker MotorConsult appear in Classic Trader Magazine. This usually revolves around Mercedes-Benz classics, but also other vehicles and manufacturers from all eras.

Do you need support in creating historically and technically correctly

researched and humorous texts for your social media channel,  in-house magazine or other publications?


Talk to us - we will take care of it!

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