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What is a "RaumLenker"?


The multi-link axle (Germ. Raumlenker-Achse) developed by Daimler Benz and installed for the first time in the Mercedes "Baby" Benz W201 was a revolution in chassis development. Their special features were that the wheels always stayed vertically on the ground without changing the directional stability. Their use improved the road holding and driving safety considerably, because - as development engineers attested to - they offered precision when steering.


The development of the multi-link axle was preceded by a solid planning and development process, which ultimately led to the optimal solution for the intended purpose and made it a benchmark in the automotive industry.


This is exactly how we understand our work:


Develop individual solutions in communication, sales and the establishment of service structures, accompany implementation and stabilize the track. To do this, we analyze your initial situation and help you to create the tailor-made conditions that are necessary for stable directional stability and the positive development of your business.


The multi-link axle was developed in the 1970s and is still in use today in an improved form, which shows that sustainable innovations always have a tradition and a future. In the automotive industry, this applies not only to technical solutions, but also to the development of structures and processes in retail sales, communication and service.


Those who use individual innovations for marketing, sales and service are setting the right course for the future. So that the perception and customer satisfaction of your company develop in the right direction as the basis for a stable earnings situation, new paths have to be explored.


We would be happy to help you follow this path.

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